My video goes global?

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For every video in the respective language the Country / language code, the language name, the number of views as whole numbers, as well as the percentage based on the number of total views, are being displayed.

At the bottom of the overview you see the total number of views and the cross check if it were really 100 % ( ;-) ).


What would a cool tool like alugha be without “Easter-eggs”? We implemented one for you in the tables: the sorting function.


If you click  "CODE" or "LANGUAGE"... , the table sorting changes, first click from A-Z / from small to big and the other way round when clicking again.

Every viewer can see these numbers. For the viewer they are “nice to look at”, for you it is an important indicator as you can quickly see in which language areas you have to further push your video and which languages to focus on.

Our next alugha tipp will explain how you can distribute the videos in the correct language in each case! If you have questions about it, contact form us and we will help you!

Stay Tuned!

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