Let’s talk! Andreas, our expert for multilingual video game trailers

Thanks to alugha, I was able to combine my hobby and work. As the person in charge of gamingspot, I show you the multilingual world of video games.

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Hi, I am Andreas, I am 28 years old and I am studying American Studies and Sociology at the University of Mannheim.

Which three keywords best describe you?

Spontaneous, optimistic, athletic

Before we talk about business, pleasure first: What are you doing in spare time?

I have several hobbies. I like watching series and movies, reading books, and doing sports, for example, Badminton, Squash and Skateboarding. Additionally, I play games and go for a drink with my friends.

Why did you decide to start working at a start-up?

I think it is very exciting to start working at a start-up. You are working on a innovative product, which is not yet widely known but has the potential to spread rapidly. Being a part of this is very exciting and forms a contrast to working in known companies.

You’re responsible for the Gamingspot page of alugha – that definitely has to be the dream of any video game fan, doesn’t it :-) ?

For sure! To mix work and hobby is awesome. Time flies if you can bring the passion for your hobby to work.

What exactly are your tasks?

As person in charge of Gamingspot, I show you the multilingual world of video games. Currently, the website is still under construction. At the moment, it is filled with content in particular blog posts of multilingual gametrailers. For that, I look for all kinds of game trailers in as many languages as possible, “alugha” them and then post them on the website. Additionally, I am responsible for Gamingspot’s social media account such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, there are a lot of plans for the page, for example, multilingual let’s plays and reviews.

What do you like about working at alugha?

A lot ;-) The work is fun and the team is awesome. There are no strict hierarchies and everyone can bring forward their ideas. Moreover, the working environment is great and everyone helps each other. As a student, the flexible working hours are also very convenient.

If you think about future, where do you see yourself and the company in 10 years?

The first time I heard about alugha and their idea of multilingual videos I thought that such a product would already exist. Think again… alugha is innovate and nobody cared to develop a platform for multilingual videos on the internet before. Therefore, every international company (so pretty much everyone) will be using alugha in 10 years. Why would they upload 5 videos with one language each when they can upload one video with 5 languages in it at the same time?
In regards to myself: PHD, an own house, a model as a wife and two kids. Seriously: I don’t think you should think 10 years ahead. There are too many factors which can suddenly influence your life so I don’t think there is any point in planning ahead. In 10 years, I just want to be healthy and happy.

The last point is about big dreams – do you have some?

I have some dreams but they are not soooo big. I would like to tour the West Coast of the United States.
In addition, I would like to see Roger Federer, in my opinion the greatest tennis player the world has ever seen, play.

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