Release "Berndout"

The time has come! Our film, made and produced by Arthur Rewak as director, Bernd Korz as leading part, and many more people, is finally getting released for you! The film is not only the first production with this line-up, but it also immediately won the audience award at the BermudaShorts short-film festival in Mannheim. We’re more than proud of it and happy to finally share it with you!

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At the end of 2015, we already published an article which gave you some more information about the idea behind the film, it’s beginnings and realization on our blog.

“Berndout” has had a long journey: From Las Vegas to New York to Mannheim - we also made sure the shooting locations were multilingual! ;-)

Desert, Vegas, turning point
The film is about Bernd, who is overwhelmed with work. His subconsciousness guides him into the vast desert of Las Vegas, where he meets an alien. What follows is an exciting journey for the two of them together and an insight at the end. Is this the turning point where Bernd finds himself?

Multilingual: German and English
All the other encounters of Bernd and his friend, the alien, can be watched in German and English with alugha! We made the film multilingual for you and look forward to finally presenting it to you!

The alugha team wishes you a lot of fun!

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