Review "The Big Bang Theory" - Season 1-3

We quickly grew fond of them, the nerds of “The Big Bang Theory”. And because we laughed so much, we want to summarize the funniest moments of the first three seasons for you!

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Season 1

Those of you who are seasoned “The Big Bang Theory” viewers should smile at the fact that the TV series starts abruptly in a sperm bank - with SHELDON, at that. He lives with his roommate Leonard in Pasadena, California, and the two of them are real nerds. Their friends, Howard and Raj, and their beautiful neighbor, Penny, on whom Leonard has a crush, complete the main cast of season 1. We crown episode 4 as Sheldon’s breakthrough when it comes to comedy. After getting fired because of an insulting remark towards his new boss, Sheldon spends time on the important things in life - until Leonard sees no other way but to ask Sheldon’s mother to bring him to his senses. We will never forget Sheldon’s scene with the loom. Even though Howard’s pick-up lines are unsuccessful, they are also funny and bold, and he uses them on every being with different private parts. Unfortunately, Raj can’t compete with Howard. Save for a few exceptions, he is physically not able to talk to women sober until Season 6. We end the funniest moments of season 1 with Leonard's and Leslie Winkel’s musical foreplay in which they arouse each other by playing the cello.

Season 2

In season 2, the comedy crown goes to Penny. Loyal fans should well remember the legendary Age of Conan episode, in which Penny becomes a daylight-shunning, shower-needing, chips-in-her-hair-having gamer. Also etched on our memories is Penny’s power struggle with the new neighbor Alicia, whom she quickly sees as a rival, resulting in a fight. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for us, Sheldon’s asexuality prevents an early elimination of his stalker Ramona Nowitzki, a crazy groupie who creeps into his life. Leonard’s highlight is in episode 9 in which his girlfriend Stephanie, who was originally dating Howard, has to stitch his wound: he throws up and starts crying because he’s so scared. Moreover, the embodiment of coldness, Leonard’s mother Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, appears for the first time. She also makes us laugh a lot with her sheldon-like behavior.

Season 3

All fans were rewarded for their patience when the bearded nerds came back from their three-month trip to the North Pole: Leonard and Penny finally got together. Howard sees this as a chance to get a girlfriend, and he even gets one after Leonard fulfills a pledge he made to Howard and asks Penny to set Howard up with Bernadette. Another highlight in Sheldon’s career is the science award he received from the university. Trying to succeed in giving a speech in front of a large audience, Sheldon accepts Penny’s solution and drinks a decent amount of alcohol. However, this ends in a disaster: Sheldon strips on stage and sings a song about the periodic table. He also shows his compassionate side after Penny dislocates her shoulder and he has to drive her to the hospital despite not having driven a car before. In doing so, he gets caught running a red light but refuses to pay the ticket. After insulting the judge at court, bad boy Sheldon Cooper is imprisoned. He stays there until he has to use the cell’s toilet. That’s too much for “Shelly”, he gives in and apologizes to the judge. Raj and Howard have fun trying to do the impossible: finding Sheldon a girlfriend. Science takes care of it and suggests Amy Farrah Fowler as the perfect partner for Sheldon. With Bernadette and Amy, two more actresses join the main cast.

Reminisce until the next post covering season 4-6, and watch the funniest episodes again!

Bazinga - see you soon! 

Here you can watch a funny scene with Kripke in English and German:

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