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Alugha is the very first company worldwide which uploads multilingual videos on Twitter!

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Twitter is a cool thing. Videos on Twitter is a thing that’s even cooler. Multilingual videos on Twitter are nothing more than a sensation. We exclusively secured the #shotgun for that! Alugha is the very first company worldwide which uploads multilingual videos on Twitter! To help you understand how unbelievable this is - here are some facts:


Not only we internal “Alughans” can share multilingual videos with our embedded player on Twitter. Every producer who uses alugha can do that and he can do it - here it comes - WITHOUT an extension. As a result, we reach hundreds of millions of people on Twitter!


If I want to watch multilingual Videos on Twitter, I don’t have to switch to the alugha webpage anymore. No page switching, no annoying clicks, I can directly watch the multilingual video on Twitter and it works exactly the same as on the alugha page. Of course, the clicks are counted on the video, alugha and YouTube. I can still change the language in the video - on Twitter. Like we said - there has never been anything like it!


With the help of this sensation, you can reach people all over the world. More than 300 million users are active on Twitter every month. Those people speak various languages, just like us! So the multilingual videos on Twitter enable reaching MILLIONS OF users directly in their language with ONE video. And that’s exactly the idea behind alugha - one language!

So stay tuned, we’re getting big!

Your alugha team :-)






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