"The Hunger Games" - Review part 1

“The Hunger Games” tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, a young woman who lives in Panem, a fictional world in the future.

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Hey guys out there! We don’t know about you, but WE are huge fans of “The Hunger Games”. So of course we are very sad that the film series has come to an end. In order to stay a little bit longer in the “Hunger Games” fever, we will live through every film together with you, and, last but not least, we will draw a conclusion. 

In four films and more than nine hours of film footage, we were allowed to accompany  Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence), on her three-and-a-half-year journey from a helpless inhabitant of district 12 in Panem to an insurgent mockingjay. The first film, based on Suzanne Collin’s dystopian novel, premiered in March 2012. Three and a half years later, in November 2015, the last clapperboard slammed and ended the phenomenon of the ‘“Hunger Games” trilogy. Today, we’re starting with film number one - The Hunger Games.

“Deadly Games”

“The Hunger Games” tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, a young woman who lives in Panem, a fictional world in the future. The country, which is divided in 12 districts, is controlled by the power-hungry Capitol, which is annually punishing the remaining districts for a one-time rebellion by conducting the “Hunger Games”. One male and one female from each district are selected by a lottery to fight to death in a specially built arena. Only one will survive. The Hunger Games are intended to remind the residents of Panem of the power of the Capitol. 

At the “reaping” in district 12, Katniss’ younger sister Prim gets drawn. Knowing that the Hunger Games mean certain death for her little sister, Katniss immediately volunteers as tribute. Together with the selected male tribute, Peeta Mellark, she is to represent district 12 in the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss says goodbye to her family, mother and sister, and her hunting partner Gale, who will play an important role later in the film. The male tribute Peeta, son of a poor baker family, saved Katniss’ life once with a loaf of bread and has been in love with her for some time. On the way to the Capitol, where the tributes get dressed up, Katniss meets her stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz), whom she quickly trusts. Before the Hunger Games begin, every tribute gets interviewed on television. There, Peeta admits to being in love with Katniss and so their “tragic love story” begins. Catapulted in the arena, Katniss and Peeta begin to fight on their own at first. Thereby, Katniss meets a fellow tribute Rue, whom she quickly befriends. However, Rue gets killed a bit later. When Katniss and Peeta meet in the arena, Peeta is already seriously wounded and Katniss decides to wait with him for the Hunger Games to end. While the survivors become increasingly rare, the two realize that they have to kill each other if they end up being the last two survivors. This situation actually occurs and they decide to commit suicide together by swallowing poisonous berries. At the last moment the “playmaker” prevents their death and announces that both will be the winners of the 74th Hunger Games. 

 Katniss and Peeta made it! They survived the Hunger Games and can now finally live a free life. Or not? 

This information will be given in our next post about the “Hunger Games” series!

See you then, stay “on fire”. 

Your alugha team :-)


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