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The alugha team has roughed up the Medientage Munich!

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The alugha team and their mascot Alan spent three days at the Medientage 2016 in Munich! Here you can experience what we did and experienced there! 

For three days, from October 25th to October 27th, you were able to meet us at our booth in the startup area. Thereby we introduced and showed our baby alugha to plenty of interested people, among them students, media people, colleagues and devs. To our joy, people who liked to had the chance to lend their voice to our mascot Alan. How many of them did that and how diverse Alan got through that can be seen in the video! In any case, our live dubbing went down very well! 

In addition to the alugha story, which we liked to tell all those who were interested, we could also build new contacts and help others with advice and action. Especially in the startup area, there was a very special flair and we all felt really comfortable there! Without indicating, we just have to mention again that even at the Medientage Munich we were absolutely unrivaled, which is quite honestly because of our brilliant idea of a multilingual video player. Noone can steal it anymore ;-) 

Therefore, our résumé for the Medientage Munich 2016 is: It was really worth it! We could collect lots of new experiences and contacts and moreover got to know other, great and innovative startups. What’s more is that we asserted once again that we’re working quite well as a team! 

PS: We will never forget the moment our CEO Bernd aka “the limelight hog of chef” returned from the Playstation VR booth, because for him it was like Christmas, Eastern and Birthday in one. His eyes seemed brighter than ever before. You can find out more shortly, because he’s in love: with his VR glasses, which - of course- he immediately had to buy. There is always a child in every man! :-D 

So we’re starting into November full of new motivation and are very happy that you stay tuned! 




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