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Cinema, Camera, Blockbuster - films 2017

What will lure you into the cinema in 2017? We have some tips!

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Get out of your everyday life, into another world, for a few hours. That’s what cinema gives you! Also in 2017, all the Genres are represented and everyone can watch whatever the cinema-heart is asking for! Countless films will be released, celebrate premiere or are in planning. We have compiled an excerpt of it as an optional To-Do-List for you! :-) 


The Wolverine-row goes in round three! From March 2017, Hugh Jackman as Logan is going to let the adamantium-blades dance again. Be prepared for new constellations in the film. Because a little girl will play a big role!

The Boss Baby

Watch out for all the siblings! In the end of March, a film will be released which you should absolutely watch together! “The Boss Baby” deals with the life of siblings, who are suddenly there. The animation film shows, how annoying siblings can be in an authentic way. Especially if they’re the smaller ones, they sometimes are “the boss”. But what if your little brother does not seem to be the one he pretends to be? Put yourselves together to the cinema and find it out! :-)

Fifty Shades Darker

The film adaptation of the world bestseller of E.L. James goes into round two. In “Fifty Shades Darker”, Christian Grey tries to win over Anastasia. But there is the big question, if the young student gets involved or not. Especially since she gets confronted with Grey’s past again and again … Dear Men, do your loved ones a favour and attend them in February 2017! 

We created the multilingual trailers in the article for you and wish you guys a lot of action, fun and tension! 

See you soon, 

your alugha team! 



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