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Again and again we want to show our customers which problems we can solve for them. But it is also important to know what advantages I can create with my product. In the end, the combination can decide between success and failure.

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In sales, there are several ways to acquire a customer. One option would be price, you can do that, but it has little to do with customer loyalty and real sales. Of course, this works well in the entertainment industry. As soon as a smartphone, a tablet or a television has certain characteristics and you want to bring it into channels such as the non-food area of the retailers (LIDL, Kaufland, Aldi...), the price and the margin usually count. And that is absolutely ok. For many companies, however, this is not an option, simply because of the nature of the product. In our case, the sales strategy would be doomed to failure because we do not have a physical product that could be cheaper in larger quantities. So first we would show our customers the problems they have with the current product, I talked about this in a previous article.

But the possible solutions to problems are only one argument. Often even a negative one, but still a very relevant one. Once you have exhausted this option, you can concentrate on the advantages. First of all, you should be aware of the real benefits of using your product. It is best to write them down and sort them according to the weighting from biggest to smallest advantage. First of all it must be clear that it is MY personal point of view, which of course is not seen with the company glasses, which is certainly based on a lot of knowledge, but could still be a bit "biased". As soon as one has evaluated the advantages in a critical team, one should co-ordinate these in advance in such a way that they really make sense also with the customer. Nothing is worse than when a customer tells me that none of this is relevant to him at all. He feels - rightly - quickly dealt with. The advantages should be relevant to him.



The better I have adapted to the needs of my customer, the more likely I can win him as a customer. We always do this in such a way that I deal intensively with the customer, we prepare a targeted presentation and then get in touch with the customer. The nice thing about it is that there are a lot of overlaps and we don't always have to do everything from the beginning.


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