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Here at alugha, we love technology and leveraging it in creative ways for our users to provide unique features and a stellar experience.

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That's why we constantly develop, tweak, update and expand our tools and features. Big changes and new feature releases will be announced via email and in our blog section, but there are a lot of improvements happening on a daily basis that you might have missed. We also enjoy receiving your feedback so that we can integrate your ideas into our platform. Send your ideas and feature requests to:

You can read up on the latest changes below.

28 September 2020

  • Improvement: (For the page management) implement UI on the adminPage to make some videoOverview sections dynamic
  • Improvement: implement graphql part to manage admin-VideoOverviewPage
  • Improvement: Replace marketplace buttons with general shared buttons (unify buttons)
  • Improvement: Refactor marketplace card component
  • Improvement: Reduce watchlist & alucation query data
    That's a cool update! We've improved performance dramatically and we've tidied up the Watchlists. 
  • Improvement: Limit Tags and Categories for assets
  • Improvement & Fix: Archive - removed videos list does not sort entries by last-modified descending
  • Fix: new_publisher did not let regular users convert their YouTube videos
  • Improvement & Fix: clean up asset mutation imports
  • Fix: collaboration ui breaks for pending invites
  • Fix: SVP throws an error

21 September 2020

  • Improvement: "Beliebte Kanäle" in der Videoübersicht
    That's a cool update! You now can see trending video producers in our video overview. Trends are defined by the total number of views on the website, so you can see which producer is the most popular on alugha. 

  • Fix & Improvement: Move UUID validation to schema level
  • Improvement: Replace JS calculations with media queries on watchlist cards
  • Fix: Auth directive with role parameter does not work correctly
  • Fix: First Name and Last Name input fields are not getting initialized properly
  • Improvement: Add "video" translation
  • Improvement: Enhance user admin page
    That's a cool update! This is not that relevant at first glance for you as a user, but we made some changes to our admin-interface. Now alugha can react much faster to your needs. 
  • Improvement: lower threshold for sidechain compression
  • Improvement: update graphql error message name in useNotification hook
  • Improvement: Publish the Publisher
    That's a big update! There it is! A huge step for the new publisher is taken! This part of alugha was the last big chunk still written in angular, but now is working on react. Rewriting this bit we also rethought the whole concept an optimized the process based on what we learned so far. There are two functions missing in the new publisher, but as soon as their online, you'll be very happy about everything, like we are now!

Phase #1: Publishing an article, uploading a video or importing a video (currently from YouTube)

Phase #2: Thumbnail, title and video language  

Phase #3: Edit general information (valid for YouTube and also self hosted videos)

Phase #3a: Uploading a self hosted video you can place it directly on our Marketplace

  • Fix & Improvement: AI/STT → Send NATS reply instead of publishing on a fixed response subject
  • Fix & Improvement: Make graphql listen to NATS replies, instead of subjects
  • Fix: View documents set the ownerId to the track owner

14 September 2020

  • Improvement: As alugha I want to check on used S2T minutes
  • Fix & Improvement: Marketplace crashes when trying to query for asset that has a waveform representation
  • Improvement: Remove "Draft" from video states
  • Improvement: As a user, I want a video to start in Full HD and then adapt to my bandwidth
    That's a cool update! Our player works perfectly in adaptive streaming. Up to this update, we started videos with 360p and after a few seconds raised the video quality up to 2k depending on the stats of the user. For some time now, we collect much less user data and can only save them if the user agrees to the cookie settings. But to offer the best service also to those users who don't accept the cookies, we now do a quick performance check at the beginning of every video and start it directly in the best possible video quality. 
  • Fix: Add enum for delete asset errors
  • Fix: Fix login issues
  • Fix: Fix typo in library
  • Fix: Downloadassetbutton chokes on library picked assets
  • Improvement: As a user, I want to change the video playback rate in the player
    That's a big update! User kept asking us if we couldn't offer the possibility to change the playing speed of a video. Well, sure... we can! And we did - you can choose between these playing speeds: 0,25x - 0,5x - 0,75x - 1x - 1,25x - 1,5x - 1,75x - 2x.


07 September 2020

  • Improvement: Investigate dropping the mp3 encoder completely and only use Flac
    That's a cool update! The first version of the dubbr used flac and mp3 file formats. Nowadays, all relevant browser can handle flac files, so we dismissed mp3 formats saving a lot of storage space (and we love that!) and adding some more performance to the current dubbr.
  • Remove translator job offers
  • Fix: Let dubbr onboarding use linker instead of relative url
  • Improvement: Product pages call-to-action is confusing users
  • Fix & Improvement: Added note for delete asset and refactore component
  • Fix: Fix broken watchlist cards on alucation
  • Improvement: As an alugha user, I want to be able to download track audio
    That's a cool update! 
    This week is another highlight. Your audio file is final with all segments, exported and available on your multilingual video. But you want to use the audio file also elsewhere. Now you can download your audio files on your computer as AAC(LC) with 48kHz samplerate and variable bit rate. 

  • Improvement: Make default track state public





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