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I love my work because it’s diverse. Every Design-Thinking workshop, every innovation project is different - nevertheless how similar the issue or initial situation seem to be. Because the difference lies in the people and their experiences. Anyhow, striking differences aren’t rare, as for example when it comes to success.

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What’s the difference between successful and less successful people? Whenever I ask this question, I receive answers that sound like excuses why some people don’t manage to achieve what they intend to achieve: the genes, an easier past or the perfect timing. 

I’m convinced that it doesn’t depend on DNA or the past or the amount of money you have available. In the end, it depends on the way people think and act that makes the difference. The good news: everybody can think himself or herself to success. The bad news: you have to be dedicated and ready to take responsibility. 

4 examples of successful approaches: 

Successful people don’t care about what other people think

People who always think about what other people think or say hand over the power of themselves to those people. This behaviour always results in doing exactly what other people want in order to meet their expectations or please them. That way you lose a lot of energy and joy for the wrong purpose. Don’t make difficult decisions based on what other people think. Because in the end, you’ll have to live with that decision. Successful people rely on their own ability to judge and don’t let others intrude. 

Successful people don’t give in to negative thinking

At the latest when you lie in bed in the evening you’ll start to ponder: what did your boss mean with his statement? Was your colleague right saying that the project won’t work out? Many people breed a catastrophic mindset - and for a good a reason: your mind is trained to learn from the past to avoid new dangerous situations. But don’t overdo it and avoid becoming a drama queen. 

Successful people don’t take everything seriously that crosses their minds or is said by others. They can differentiate between useful and useless thoughts. And they don’t count on other people to step in and save them. Take over responsibility for your situations and actions. And don’t lose heart because people try to convince you that you will fail due to whatever reason. 

Successful people are resilient

In everybody’s life there are obstacles and challenges. In the end, it’s about what you do about it and how you recover from failures. 

Successful people let go things that are not under their control faster and more easily. I don’t mean that they would look away from a situation but rather concentrate on what they can control and change. Look out for role models that have managed a situation similar to yours on their own. 

Successful people take risks consciously

People inherently love save and known situations and don’t like to leave their comfort zone. But if you never believe in your goals or beliefs and don’t act due to fear of several possibilities, you’ll never be successful. Whereas danger emerges from a real moment, fear is only a feeling nourished by our imagination. Successful people know that they have the choice to let fear grow - or not. Ask yourself: “What’s the worst thing that could happen if you did this or that?”. 

Successful people know that everything includes inherent risks. Investing money in a company is risky. Actions are risky. Being innovative is risky. But also doing nothing and stagnating is a risk, because then you’ll definitely not receive a reward. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Simple as that.

In a nutshell

What is success to you? When are you successful? Before you start to create your success strategy, you need to think about what success really means to you. Because the definition of success is different for every person. So it’s all the more important to find the right definition for yourself, and don’t let other people tell you what success should look like. 

Apropos: If the way to success doesn’t make you happy, you should definitely rethink your personal definition. 

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Ingrid Gerstbach is Design Thinking expert, keynote speaker, author, economy psychologist at Gerstbach Design Thinking and Linkedin TopVoices.

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