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alugha got its very own news system going.

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As you have certainly noticed, we have completely rejigged our blog and the news approach. To give you a rough overview about what’s new, we’ve summed up everything for you: The most important thing first: We’re no longer using Wordpress. This has several reasons. We wanted to completely integrate our news into in our system. Design-wise, we matched the news page to the video page. Finally, the news are a homogenous part of alugha :-) Besides, we do have a new back-end: The interface with which we create the articles now matches the rest of the design of the alugha homepage. Tone on Tone, the whole thing comes across totally differently ;-) At the same time, we were able to realize several special effects on our own! Our developers went all out for it and we’re really proud of our first own news system. On Google, every language is displayed with a separate link. Besides, the blog posts are extremely easy to find now. From now on, each language gets its own tags and thumbnails, thus we can guarantee the individuality of the articles. A further feature is the ingenious way of showing videos which you can watch in the article on the top of the article as post video. So now there are not only post images, but also post videos. You can certainly imagine that this wasn’t all yet. Currently, we’re integrating the news feature into the platform in an unprecedented way. But for that, we’re asking for your patience. :-) The fact is: alugha got its very own news system going. We’ve implemented the news into the remaining alugha system and they’re now a homogenous part of the homepage. So we made it “a whole thing”. Please continue staying tuned, because we got a lot more for you! PS: Everyone who likes to write blog posts should feel free to contact us (of course against payment). We’re always happy about support! :-) See you very soon, your alugha team!

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