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"The Hunger Games" - Review part 3

Now you are going to learn how the story ends!

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And we continue with the penultimate part of our “Hunger Games” series. The third and last installment of the novel trilogy by Suzanne Collins has been split into two parts for the big screen. However, we summarize the last two films into one article. 

“Mockingjay 1”

The underground District 13 is ruled by president Alma Coin (played by Julianne Moore). As it turns out, Peeta and some other tributes were captured by the Capitol and are being held captive. Henceforth, District 13 considers Peeta a traitor. Coin encourages Katniss to become the mockingjay, the symbol of the rebellion of Panem. She agrees on the condition that Peeta and the other tributes will be rescued. Meanwhile, the Capitol has been taking rigorous actions against any insurgencies, instantly killing every opponent. A film crew joins Katniss to film propaganda spots for the revolution. Doing everything to protect Katniss, her hunting partner Gale is always at her side. In a perilous and very exciting action, the fighters of District 13 succeed in rescuing Peeta and the remaining tributes from the Capitol, and bring them back to District 13. There, it quickly turns out that Snow manipulated Peeta through mental torture so that he sees Katniss as a big threat that needs to be killed. The film ends with his attempt to strangle Katniss. 

“Mockingjay 2”

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By now, the rebels won all districts over to their side, apart from District 2 and the Capitol. The last mission is to conquer District 2 and destroy the Capitol. Katniss wants to kill Snow personally at all costs. After getting seriously injured while shooting propaganda shots, Katniss smuggles herself and her squad into the middle of the combat zone of District 2 without Coin’s permission. Together they reach the Capitol, but Snow is prepared and has installed multiple traps on the streets. Clearly displeased with Katniss’ disappearance from District 13, Coin sees her as a threat with respect to her own power. Meanwhile, the team around Katniss tries to find a way into Snow’s mansion, and loses important team members in an attack. Ultimately, president Snow orders Capitol residents to take shelter in his mansion. Eventually, Katniss and her team mingle with the crowd to reach Snow’s mansion. In an attack in front of the mansion numerous people die, including Katniss’ sister Prim. After the Capitol’s capitulation, Coin temporarily becomes president of Panem. In deep mourning for her sister, Katniss confronts the imprisoned Snow, who tells her that is was not him but Coin who orchestrated the bombing that resulted in Prim's death. On the day Snow is to be executed by a bowshot from Katniss, she turns her arrow and kills Coin instead. At the same time, Snow dies of health problems. At first, Katniss is imprisoned for her crime, but then she is pardoned and brought back to the partly preserved District 12. In a final epilogue, Katniss and Peeta are happily playing with their kids on a meadow. 

So that’s it. Book closed. Who of you thought that Katniss would choose Peeta and turn her back on Gale? 

Next week, we are going to close the chapter “The Hunger Games”. But not before we tell you some things you probably didn’t know yet, and draw a final conclusion. 

Look forward to Katniss, Peeta and Co one last time. 

Your alugha team :-) 


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