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International Olympic Day 2017

A summary of the five rings that are of importance in the world of sports.

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After International Women’s day, we have our next celebration: International Olympic Day 2017. We tell you what it’s all about and how the Olympic world changed. 

Today is April 6th. So far, so good. But why do we celebrate International Olympic day today? Because exactly 121 years ago today, in 1896, the first modern Olympic Games were celebrated in Athens. They were opened in Greek for the first time of the modern era in front of 60.000 spectators. At that time, only 13 different nations participated and only male amatuer athletes were eligible to participate.. Since 1896, the Olympic Summer Games have taken place every four years - which means we have already celebrated 474 Olympic Games. 

More and more 

Over the years, the Olympic Games grew into a bigger and bigger event. Countries jump at the chance to host the worldwide known event. By now, athletes from nearly every nation participate at the Olympics. That this big competition is not all positive should be obvious. You read of boycotts, doping, corruption and terrorism. Poor countries invest millions in constructing stadiums while their citizens live on the breadline. Yet still, the celebration with its numerous ceremonies takes place again and again. Because the Olympic Games provide unknown athletes with the chance to become famous. The countries also benefit from hosting the Games. They can be present and advertize their country, and tourism is booming.  


Since 1960, in addition to the Olympic Games, another highlight can be found in the calendar: The Paralympics. They took place for the first time in Rome in 1960 and allow athletes with disabilities to participate in a worldwide competition too. They are also held every four years and took place in Rio, Brazil last year. Sports that are practiced in the Paralympics are for example 5-a-side football, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball or para Swimming. 

Hot and cold

The Olympic Games as well as the Paralympic Games do not only take place in summer but also in winter. The Winter Games are also held every four years. They use a model which is also used for football World Cups and European Championship: Both competitions take place every four years, but they occur two years apart so that the world can visit one event every two years. The Olympic Summer Games took place last year and will come back in 2020 in Tokyo. The last Olympic Winter Games took place in 2014 in Sochi and will come back in 2018 in Pyeongchang (South Korea). 

But for here and now, the following counts: Celebrate Olympia, celebrate the tradition and celebrate sports!

With this in mind: Exercise well through the weekend! 

Your alugha team!





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