Picture-in-picture - alugha player becomes even more user-friendly

We consume online videos in many different ways. At alugha, we try to meet every user behavior and requirement, little by little. With this update you get the next killer feature! Picture-in-picture!

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Just a few days ago we released an update timestamps and created more flexibility for comments and descriptions. Today we take another step and we have pimped our player. From now on you have the so-called PiP feature (picture-in-picture) available!



The advantage of this function is that the player is moved to its own window, which works independently of the other browser windows. Now you can simultaneously enjoy a video when you are reading an article or even if you navigated into another website. The PiP support in our dubbr playsout it's very special strength. You can now set the size and position of the video independently from the timeline.

Currently, picture-in-picture works in Google Chrome, on Safari under macOS, in iPadOS and iOS 13 as well as the new internet EDGE (based on Chromium) and Firefox 70 Beta. To enable the function in Firefox in the current stable version, enter "about:config" and continue as in my screenshot:





Then you will see a button on the right side of the video that you can click on.

As always: stay tuned! We have quite a few updates in the pipeline, which we will roll out for you bit by bit. And if you are still missing THE function... Leave a comment and we'll see if and how we can implement it best.

Bernd Korz





Ach einfach cool! :)

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