5 Anzeichen, dass du dich selbst nicht liebst

Fällt es dir manchmal schwer, einen Gang zurückzuschalten und einzuschätzen, wie sehr du dich selbst liebst? Hier sind einige Punkte, die dir zeigen, ob du dich mehr lieben solltest: Autorin: Kristina Orrego Skript-Editorin: Morgan Franz Skript-Managerin: Kelly Soong Voiceover (englische Version) Amanda Silvera Animatorin: Annie Wu YouTube-Managerin: Cindy Cheong Quellen: Dorlee, says, L. A., LuAnn, says, D. M., DorleeM, says, K., Kristín, says, J. Y., Yun, J., Suttle, T. G., says, R. M. M., McMaster, R., & says, D. (2021, May 2). The surprising reason we beat ourselves up (and what to do about it). SocialWork.Career. Retrieved December 29, 2021, from https://www.socialwork.career/2013/05/the-surprising-reason-we-beat-ourselves-up-and-what-to-do-about-it.html Martin, S. (2021, September 18). Why you over-apologize and how to stop. Live Well with Sharon Martin. Retrieved December 29, 2021, from https://livewellwithsharonmartin.com/why-you-over-apologize-and-how-to-stop/ Blind love: When you don't see who they really are. Exploring your mind. (2020, April 27). Retrieved December 29, 2021, from https://exploringyourmind.com/blind-love-who-they-really-are/ Pedroja, C. (2021, January 13). 7 things that are good examples of self-care and 7 things that aren't. TheList.com. Retrieved December 29, 2021, from https://www.thelist.com/80882/things-that-are-good-examples-of-self-care-and-things-that-arent/ Listen up: The One thing I refuse to feel guilty about. The Everygirl. (2019, June 13). Retrieved December 29, 2021, from https://theeverygirl.com/stop-feeling-guilty-for-taking-care-of-yourself/ What are self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-love, self-compassion. Diana Nieves. (2016, October 3). Retrieved December 29, 2021, from https://diananieves.com/self-esteem-self-acceptance-self-love-self-compassion/ Übersetzung und Dubbing: alugha Klick hier, um mehr Videos zu sehen: https://alugha.com/Psych2Go

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