Bilfinger Scrubber - Marine environmental technology to clean vessel emissions

As an industrial services provider, Bilfinger has more than 40 years of experience in desulfurization technology. In recent years, the company has transferred its power plant flue-gas desulfurization expertise to maritime applications. With the installation of scrubbers, sulfur emissions from the vessel's exhaust gases are reduced to below the required levels, thus allowing strict environmental requirements to be met. Scrubbers remove sulfur emissions from exhaust gases produced by main engines, auxiliary diesel engines and boilers. The exhaust gases are introduced into the side of the scrubber and brought into contact with seawater. Different scrubber processes are available to shipping companies: open loop, closed loop and a hybrid version. The system concepts of Bilfinger also allow flexibility during execution: The scrubber can be implemented as Single-Line or Multi-Stream.

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