Wahre Liebe oder Schwärmerei (Verliebtheit) - Was ist der Unterschied?

Hast du einen Schwarm oder Gefühle für jemanden? Woher weißt du, ob es Liebe oder Schwärmerei ist? Mit der Zeit kann sich aus einem einfachen Schwarm etwas Neues entwickeln, etwas zwischen Schwärmerei und Liebe. Was ist also der Unterschied zwischen Liebe und Schwärmerei? Finden wir es heraus! Autorin: Sara Del Villar Skript-Editorin: Vanessa Tao Skript-Managerin: Kelly Soong Voiceover (englishe Version): Mithrilda Animatorin: sarimopi ( https://www.instagram.com/sarimopi/ ) YouTube-Managerin: Cindy Cheong Quellen: Aron, A., Fisher, H., Mashek, D. J., Strong, G., Li, H., & Brown, L. L. (2005). Reward, motivation, and emotion systems associated with early-stage intense romantic love. Journal of neurophysiology, 94(1), 327–337. doi.org/10.1152/jn.00838.2004 Berridge, K. C., Robinson, T. E., & Aldridge, J. W. (2009). Dissecting components of reward: ‘liking’, ‘wanting’, and learning. Current opinion in pharmacology, 9(1), 65–73. doi.org/10.1016/j.coph.2008.12.014 Fisher, H. E., Xu, X., Aron, A., & Brown, L. L. (2016). Intense, Passionate, Romantic Love: A Natural Addiction? How the Fields That Investigate Romance and Substance Abuse Can Inform Each Other. Frontiers in psychology, 7, 687. doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00687 Gram, C. (2020, March 28). 10 Fundamental Differences Between Having a Crush and Love. Poler Stuff. www.polerstuff.com/crush-vs-love/. Hasa, H. (2020, October 21). What is the Difference Between Crush and Love. Pediaa.Com. pediaa.com/what-is-the-difference-between-crush-and-love/. Kaushik, N. (2011, April 18). Difference Between Crush and Love. Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects. www.differencebetween.net/science/nature/difference-between-crush-and-love/. Naftulin, J. (2018, December 4). Here’s why you develop crushes, according to science. Insider. www.insider.com/reasons-for-crushes-science-2018-11. Rubin, E. (2018, May 23). This Is The Scientific Reason Why It’s So Fun To Have A Crush On Someone. Elite Daily. www.elitedaily.com/p/this-is-the-scientific-reason-crushes-are-so-fun-to-have-8949278. Steber, C. (2020, February 24). How Your Brain Reacts When You Have A Crush On Someone. Bustle. www.bustle.com/p/how-your-brain-reacts-when-you-have-a-crush-on-someone-21813202. Wu, K., & Adhikary, T. (2020, June 19). Love, Actually: The science behind lust, attraction, and companionship. Science in the News. sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2017/love-actually-science-behind-lust-attraction-companionship/. Xu, X. (2017, July 19). What Goes On in Our Brains When We Are in Love? Scientific American. www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-goes-on-in-our-brains-when-we-are-in-love/. Übersetzung und Dubbing: alugha Klick hier, um mehr Videos zu sehen: https://alugha.com/Psych2Go

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