FasterCapital History and Achievements 2019

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City. We help IT startups through our acceleration and incubation programs. FasterCapital was established in 2010 and our model has been publicly available since 2014. As of Nov/2019: Fastercapital has 20 graduated startups that are fully functional now, around 68 startups in incubation program, 285 startups in the acceleration program, 966 representatives/regional partners and 504 offices worldwide. FasterCapital has also committed to investing $ 8.94M in 42 startups. If you are looking for a technical cofounder, a tech partner or a technical developer team for your startup then search no more! FasterCapital will become the technical cofounder and our internal team will be responsible for building the whole product from A to Z. We help non-technical entrepreneurs build a successful technical start-up, thereby allowing the start-ups founders to focus on other key areas, such as refining their products/services, focusing on business development, sales and other important non-technical aspects. We also help technical entrepreneurs who don’t have the right team to build the startup. We provide 50% of the money needed in technical development per equity. So you will find yourself the technical cofounder and secure half of the money you need. That is why our unique model is called: co-founding and co-funding. Co-founding means that FasterCapital will become a technical co-founder for the startup and will build its products from A-Z. Co-funding means that we will also be ready to invest 50% (or in some cases more) of the capital needed and invest in the startup (even from the idea stage). Of course acting as a co-founder is not limited only to development but rather to improving on the startup, its market, products and how we can improve the chances of the startup to be successful and generate income.Unlike other incubators, FasterCapital invests in fewer startups and is ready to commit for a longer period of time and in multiple rounds of funding. Submit your startup: Find your Technical partner. Submit here please:

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