6 Life-Changing Habits You Should Follow Every Day

Do you ever feel like your life just isn’t going the way you want? Are you unmotivated or burnt out from everyday living? Here are some general rules that if you stick to, will greatly improve your mindset and habits. Disclaimer: Remember that this video isn’t intended to shame, single out, or criticize anyone. It contains general rules that may be beneficial, but they do not apply to everyone, nor should you try to force anything. Writer: Lily Mentriko Script Editor: Vanessa Tao Script Manager: Kelly Soong VO: Amanda Silvera Animator: Grace Cárdenas Cano YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong References: Marko. (2017). 6 Experiences Only INFJs Will Understand. Retrieved 19 March 2021, from https://introvertspring.com/51301-2/ Marlin, M. (2020). 12 Problems All INFJs Will Understand. Retrieved 19 March 2021, from https://introvertdear.com/news/infj-problems/ Owens, M. (2020). The INFJ Personality Type. Retrieved 19 March 2021, from https://www.truity.com/personality-type/INFJ Priebe, H. (2015). 25 Struggles Only INFJs Will Understand. Retrieved 19 March 2021, from https://thoughtcatalog.com/heidi-priebe/2015/08/25-struggles-only-infjs-will-understand/ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/psych2go_tips/ Official Discord: https://discord.gg/EsWEvrJ Would you like to animate for the team? Check out this: https://psych2go.net/interested-in-animating-for-pych2go-faq/ Interested in writing for psych2go? Check out: https://psych2go.net/script-writing-position-faqs/ Transcript: alugha Click here to see more videos: https://alugha.com/Psych2Go

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