Sociopath vs Narcissist: What's the Difference?

Even though not everything is white and black, people with antisocial personality disorder tend to lack empathy or lack of remorse for their wrong doings. Even though someone with narcissistic personality traits is similar to a sociopath in the sense that they are both manipulative, someone with narcissism do care about how they are presented to others. A sociopath on the other hand do not care as much and is usually only after the end goal. In this video, we cover some signs of how a sociopath and a narcissist differ. Disclaimer: this video is for informative purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. If you are struggling, please reach out to a qualified mental health professional. Also, this video is not meant to discriminate anyone with any of these traits but instead for self education or informational purposes. Writer: Sid Thompson Script Editor: Caitlin McColl Script Manager: Kelly Soong Voice: Amanda Silvera Animatior: Chantal Van Rensburg Youtube Manager: Cindy Cheong REFERENCES: Cleveland Clinic. (2020, June 19). Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Traits, Tests, Treatment. Cleveland Clinic. (2021, May 12). Antisocial Personality Disorder: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment. Lancer, D. (2018, January 6). The Difference Between a Narcissist and a Sociopath. PsychologyToday. Mayo Clinic. (2016, September 23). Personality disorders – Symptoms and causes. Mayo Clinic. (2017, November 18). Narcissistic personality disorder – Symptoms and causes. Mayo Clinic. (2019, December 10). Antisocial personality disorder – Symptoms and causes. Plumptre, E. (2021, May 26). Are Narcissists and Sociopaths the Same Thing? Verywell Mind. narcissism Transcript: alugha Click here to see more videos:

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