在美国,STEM课程是很多地方的标准课程,而STEAM课程也在不断的上升。来我们的视频做深入了解。 点击这里查看更多视频: 这段视频是由Chris Ross 所制作。 这段视频是为了支持 "目标4-优质教育 "而制作的。更多信息请访问我们的网站。

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10 月 12 日-克里斯托弗·哥伦布

克里斯托弗·哥伦布是意大利探险家、航海家和殖民主义者,在西班牙天主教君主的主持下,完成了四次穿越大西洋的航行。 Simpleshow 解释了关于他的航行的故事,以及如何影响历史以及我们今天的文化。 该视频由 Alexandra Sutoiu 制作。其内容的准确性完全由作者承担。 该视频是在联合国系统职员学院和 Simpleshow 基金会志愿者倡议的背景下制作的: 点击这里查看更多视频:

Cat Content- Why the Web loves cats so much

Why does the Web love cats? And what’s Cat Content? You probaby have noticed that one animal is especially big on the Internet. Meow! Cats really took over the World Wide Web. But why are there so many cat videos, images, memes and gifs cluttering up the Social Web? What makes content-related to the

The History and Benefits of Tactile Paving

On March 18th the "Day of tactile pavements" is being celebrated in Japan. "Tactile paving" or "Tenji Blocks" are a Japanese invention and have been created to help ensure the safety of visually impared people on roads and train stations. simpleshow foundation explains the history and benefits of "t