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alugha - first steps to multilingual video(s)

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Alugha is a great extension, that shows your videos multilingual. nnLog in with your Google+ or Facebook account or create your own account. nAfter log in you are directly in your alugha dashboard.nnYour profile page gives an overview of your channels, subscribers, videos, views and a lot more. nThere you start with connecting your video channels. Here you can also publish your new multilingual video. Therefore you upload your video to – for example – YouTube or Facebook. Complete the video information and create a suitable Thumbnail. nnOnce the video is uploaded, go back to alugha and click “publish”. Select the video uploaded from the list or simply copy the video-ID. Select the default language and everything that’s relevant like the description or the thumbnail are taken over automatically. nnAND NOW!: You can easily add an audio track! Select new language, Upload the audio file, Add further details like title, description or tags You can upload a unique thumbnail and background for every language. nnWith our extension it also directly works on YouTube. Simple change the language live! And now watch the video on the alugha platform! Exciting insights for every language Share the video on platforms of your choice Select the size and the language in which you want to embed the video and off you go!nnAlugha - EVERYONE’S LANGUAGE, we take internet videos to the next level.nnSee more about us on https://alugha.comnInstall the FREE Extensionnfor Chrome here: http://goo.gl/XIFaoUnfor Safari here: http://goo.gl/gxV88Anfor Firefox here: http://goo.gl/OEvBnBnnOr our FREE app for Android: http://goo.gl/woDT4l


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