28. BAUHAUS Junioren-Gala

28. BAUHAUS Junioren-Gala Die 28. BAUHAUS Junioren-Gala findet am 2. und 3. Juli 2022 im Michael-Hoffmann-Stadion in Mannheim statt. Bei den insgesamt 280 teilnehmenden Athleten aus 9 Nationen ging es für viele unter anderem um die Qualifikation der U-20 Europameisterschaft in Tallinn. https://junioren-gala.de/ Dieses Video ist dank alugha multilingual. Erfahre mehr über uns: https://alugha.com/ alugha – Everyone’s language! Taking internet videos to the next level

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BAUHAUS Junior Gala 2022

On July 2nd and 3rd, 2022, the 28th BAUHAUS Junior Gala took place in the Michael Hoffmann Stadium in Mannheim. The event featured nearly 1000 participants from different nations and a great atmosphere in the stadium. https://junioren-gala.de/ This video is multilingual thanks to alugha. More abo

27th BAUHAUS Junior Gala

The 27th BAUHAUS Junior Gala will take place on July 3 and 4, 2021, at the Michael Hoffmann Stadium in Mannheim. With a total of 280 participating athletes from 9 nations, many were also competing for the qualification for the U-20 European Championships in Tallinn in 2021. https://junioren-gala.de

Bauhaus Junioren-Gala 2019

On the 29th and the 30th of June 2019, the 26th Bauhaus Junioren-Gala took place at the Michael-Hoffmann stadium. Over 400 young athletes from a total of 20 countries competed, with the goal among others, of securing themselves tickets to the U-20 European championships. https://junioren-gala.de/