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Fighting Cancer at Bayer

Oncology research at Bayer is committed to improving the lives of cancer patients. Our researchers are working together with external partners to develop new therapeutic approaches to this disease. "We develop therapies that enable the patient’s body to detect cancer cells and then defeat them its

Smart Fields in Brazil | Digitalization in Farming

Agricultural productivity will have to increase if we want to safeguard our food supply in the long-term. The world’s population is growing, but the amount of farmland available per person is shrinking. Digitalization in farming can help us deploy our resources efficiently and sustainably, enabling

Bayer Consumer Health at a Glance

Self-care forms the foundation of health care, and is quickly becoming the way that people manage their own health. We provide consumers with the tools, knowledge and resources to effectively practice self-care through the use of over-the-counter medicines, nutritional supplements and other self-car

Bayer Pharmaceuticals at a Glance

Demographic change is impacting health care systems, with a growing number of chronic diseases and the increasing occurrence of multiple conditions. At the same time, people are taking a more active role in managing their own health. Bayer focuses on researching, developing and marketing specialty-f

Bayer Crop Science at a Glance

We want to advance the next generation of agriculture. We are driven to help farmers big and small meet the food, feed and fiber demands of a growing world, while preserving our planet’s limited natural resources for generations to come.

Supporting Good Health In Pregnancy

To support an infant's development, a mother's body needs all the micro- and macro-nutrients it can get. These critical compounds help reduce the risk of malformations, including mental impairment. An unborn baby grows rapidly, so it's extremely important that it receives nutritional support from pr

What Challenges do Chili Growers Face in India?

Pappu Singh grows green chili peppers, an ingredient everyone in the region uses in cooking, on his almost two-hectare farm in India. He then sells them to a middleman, who brings them to market in neighboring Varanasi. Smallholder farmers like Pappu Singh often lack access to efficient seeds, innov

Living with Anemia

Since her youth, Maya Hügle has suffered from anemia. Even today, the disease continues to define how she lives her everyday life – with frequent injections and recurring episodes of exhaustion. Bayer is searching for ways to improve treatment for people like Maya.