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Ozone - protective layer and toxic gas

In the atmosphere, at an altitude of about 20 to 30 kilometers, the ozone layer protects us from carcinogenic UV rays. But on earth, on the ground, ozone is a problem. Here, the colorless and toxic gas harms people and the environment. More about ozone: Transla

Explainer video: Water hardness

Who hasn't experienced this: Different dosages for different water hardness levels are indicated on the detergent package. But what exactly is water hardness? What distinguishes "hard" from "soft" water? How hard is my drinking water? And what do I have to consider when it comes to hard water? Thi

UBA explainer video: A climate-neutral lifestyle

Saving CO2 - a question of consumption? Depending on your lifestyle, your personal carbon footprint can vary a lot. In which areas are particularly much greenhouse gases produced? And how can we consume in a more climate-friendly way and cause less CO2 in everyday life? https://www.umweltbundesamt

City traffic

There is lots of traffic in our cities. The private car remains a popular means of transport. Our explanatory video shows the problems that urban traffic leads to and possible solutions. Translation and dubbing: alugha

Emissions Trading

Why is there a trade in or with emissions? Who specifies the framework conditions and how does emissions trading actually work? An explanatory film gives short and concise answers to these questions and explains the contribution of emissions trading to climate protection. Source: https://www.umwelt

Global Climate Protection And Data Collection

Climate change and its consequences know no borders. Its causes can be traced to every corner of the world and its effects are becoming progressively noticeable worldwide. Therefore, effective climate protection must be tackled globally. Determining national emissions is therefore a complex and ala

Climate Impact and Risk Assessment 2021

If climate change continues unchecked, the risks from heat, drought and heavy rainfall throughout Germany will increase sharply in the future. This is shown by the results of the Federal Climate Impact and Risk Assessment.