Steve Blank - Startups: The Difference between Startups and large Companies

Startups are not large companies, they are also not smaller versions of them.

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In our last article, we discussed the topic of (large) companies in general. One of the main differences is the direction. Large companies certainly have development departments but they are usually busy with executing, producing, staying competitive in the market, and generating revenue to keep the business running. That’s also how the decisions are made and thus how the company sets its goal and direction each year.

Shouldn’t startups pursue the same goals? The answer to this question is simple: yes and no. Of course, you want generate revenue and grow. However, especially in the beginning, there are other, more important, priorities. A startup is searching...searching for very different things. What’s my direction? How do I gain customers? What’s the market value of my product? How do I increase my revenue? How and where do I promote my product…

These questions, and the difference between startups and established companies are crucial. They help understand how we make decisions in the beginning and later on. During this course by Steve Blank, you’ll gradually gain the knowledge to become a good entrepreneur.

The next part will cover strategies.

This article is written by our CEO, Bernd Korz. With his experience as an entrepreneur, he shares his vision about the lessons provided by Steve Blank. Join us every week for a new article on Steve Blank’s lectures.

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