seating area in the motorhome // niesmann+bischoff - luxury motorhome (model FLAIR) // 2019 // WO10

This video serves as an instruction to adjust the seating area of your luxury motorhome FLAIR by Niesmann+Bischoff, if needed. The seating area in the living space of your luxury motorhome is very flexible. The table is able to turn into different directions. Moreover, you can enlarge the table by pulling it apart at both sides. The seating area can be modified so that two people can travel in driving direction safely with a safety belt. Please first push the table away to modify the seat bench. After that, please remove the cushions and the holster elements from the side bench and store them on the rear bed. Then, the centre part can be folded up and fastened to the Velcro tape. After that, you can push the table all the way to the driver’s cab, where it is fastened by turning the wheel underneath the table. The next step is to insert the headrest. For taller people the backrest is integrated with a seatbelt and can be adjusted in height. Please press lightly on the belt block to move it out. Afterwards, the journey on the new emerged seats in your luxury motorhome FLAIR can be enjoyed. More information about the luxury motorhome model FLAIR can be found here: If you would like to know more about our various campers from Niesmann+Bischoff, please visit us on our homepage:

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