motorhome waste water tank // niesmann+bischoff - luxury motorhome (model FLAIR) // 2019 // WA7

In this video, you will find out how to correctly empty the water tank in your motorhome FLAIR and what to pay attention to. At the outside wall of your FLAIR motorhome by Niesmann+Bischoff, there is an inspection door. If you open it, you can empty different water tanks of your luxury motorhome. To empty the waste water tank, pull down the red lever at the left. The right one next to it, is for emptying the water tank. On the left side, there is a small red lever, which you can fold up to empty the warm water boiler. On the right side, the draining mechanism for the cold water pipe towards the water pump is located. The valve drains the cold water pipe, the boiler and at the same time serves as a safety pressure control valve for the boiler. Please fold the small yellow lever upwards to drain the cold water piping. When the vehicle is shut down, the pre-filter of the water pump should be taken out, so that it can drain out. In case you would like to drain the optional sewage tank, please use the big red lever at the right side. Please wait three to five minutes for the tank to drain out. When it is empty, the sewage tank will be opened and the water will flow through the same disposal pipe. After the sewage tank is emptied, you can connect a freshwater hose with the Gardena adapter to the rinsing hose. Then you can open the system by folding the small lever at the hose upwards. Now the sewage tank will be rinsed. Outside the motorhome, there is an inspection door for the toilet cassette. To empty the tank of the toilet, you need to open the door and then push the lower orange handle of the tank up and pull the WC-tank out. Please pay attention that the bottom of the toilet is closed. In the following, you can pull out the SOG toilet ventilation and then put in the closing plug. Pay attention that the tank should be pulled out slowly and close the slide, to allow the water to run of the rubber sealing. Then you can pull out the WC-tank with the trolley function to a qualified disposal station. To empty the tank, turn the cover off the disposal pipe and lift the rear of the tank. After that, push the orange button to empty the content. More information about the luxury motorhome model FLAIR can be found here: If you would like to know more about our various campers from Niesmann+Bischoff, please visit us on our homepage:

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