The temperature curve of the earth

Throughout earth's history, climate has been akin to a rollercoaster ride. The "fever curve" of our planet shows the global temperature fluctuations to date - reconstructed using historical climate data. Author: ZDF/Terra X/Gruppe 5/Luise Wagner, Jonas Sichert, Andreas Hougardy Redub: alugha Click here to see more videos:

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Experiment on the theory of relativity

Can mass be curved so strongly that a kind of tunnel can form from one place in spacetime to another? The equations of relativity allow the existence of such wormholes. Thus time travel is theoretically possible. Author: ZDF/Scobel/Xkopp/Bianca Zarandi/Maximilian Mohr Translation and dubbing: alug

The Arctic Circle

Like a magical border, the Arctic Circle stretches around the world along the 66th parallel, spanning very different countries and regions. The vast region inside the Arctic Circle is also a true treasury of raw materials. Author: ZDF/Terra X/Spiegel TV Media/R.Hillmann/R.Marel/C.Gerisch/A.Kindler/

The layers of the earth's atmosphere

The layers of air of the earth is called the atmosphere. At different altitudes, it varies in pressure and temperature. Therefore, the atmosphere is divided into five main layers depending on altitude. Author: ZDF/TerraX/Julia Knüppel/Ellen Haas/Malik Alpoguz/Maximilian Mohr Translation and dubbi