DIY Slime Stress Ball— 5 Ideas

Click here to see more videos: In today's master class we will share with you the ideas of stress balls creating! We'll make the real looking Oreo cookie with the incredible stretchy filling, the tasty looking cheeseburger with the secret ketchup, the space stress balls and cute pink kitten stress reliever. Supplies and tools: • Modeling dough • Modeling clay • White glue • Pastel • Cornstarch • Persil Color Gel • Foam plastic ball • Foam rubber • Parchment paper • Sesame seeds • Baking soda • Food coloring • Acrylic paints • Clear school glue • Glitter of different colors and particles size • Borax • Water • Plastic bottle • Balloons of different color, size and shape • Body milk or cream • Dish soap • Glass or another round cutting shape • Needle • Empty ballpoint pen • Flat brush • Bowl, cups or glasses for mixing • Tea- and tablespoons • Wooden sticks • Craft knife • Scissors • Grater • Closed containers • Iron • Wooden board • Hot glue gun • Pencil • Black permanent marker ★ Let's be friends: Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram |

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