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15 Last Minute DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Subscribe Here: Getting ready "in haste" is not always good. But when there are no other options, there is no choice. What are we talking about? The fact that before the arrival of Christmas time is less and less and we want to share ideas on how to prepare for it using availa

12 Christmas Pranks! / Weird Christmas Gifts!

Subscribe Here: Ready for Christmas presents and surprises? And what about to surprise with gifts your friends and loved ones? How exactly? Check out the weirdest Christmas presents for in our new video! Supplies and tools • Sponges • Hot glue gun • Rubber paint • Spraypaint

15 Winter Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know!

Subscribe Here: Vacation is a wonderful time, even if it's in the winter. To make your winter travelling pleasant and comfortable, watch our today's travel hacks! Supplies and Tools: • Old sweater • Scissors • Hot glue gun • Pompoms • Cable ties • Bees wax • Honey • Eyeshado

15 Life Hacks For Winter You Need To Try

Subscribe Here: Here are some helpful winter life hacks we have prepared! We'll create warm muff, snood scarf, bright hat and mittens, we will show how to make slip-proof boots and don't allow snow to get into boots. Supplies and Tools: • Felt • Marker • Scissors • Hot glue g