motorhome waste water tank // niesmann+bischoff - camper (model ARTO) // 2019 // WA5

How you can empty the water tank of your ARTO in the correct way and which components you need to be aware of, will be shown in this video. On the driver’s side under the ARTO motorhome by Niesmann+Bischoff is a hinge door, which you can open with the key of the motorhome. A rod is attached at the hinge door, with which the door can be fixated to the top. The waste water tank is emptied by using the red lever in the middle and the water tank via the left lever. Push the particular lever forward to empty the tanks. The water heater is emptied by folding up the small red lever. On the right side is the draining mechanism for the cold-water pipe, which is connected to the water pump. The valve drains the cold water pipe, the boiler and at the same time it is a safety pressure control valve for the boiler. Press the small yellow lever to the top to drain the cold-water pipe. Please pay attention that, if the luxury motorhome is shut down, the prefilter of the water pump should be taken off for draining it. On the left side you can find the regulation valve for the adjustment of the water tank during driving. The open blue regulation valve makes sure that the water tank is not filled above 20 liters. The hinge lid of the toilet cassette is outside the motorhome in immediate proximity of the toilet. To empty the tank of the toilet, you need to open both covers and after that, you have to push the orange lever of the tank to the top, then pull the toilet tank out. Please pay attention that the bottom of the tank in the toilet is closed. After that, you need to pull the SOG toilet ventilation out and put the closing plug on. Pull the tank out slowly and close the slide in order to let the water, which is on the rubber seal, drain off. The toilet-tank is equipped with a trolley function so that you can easily move it to a disposal station. To dispose, turn the cover of the disposal pipe off and raise the rear of the tank. To dispose the content press the orange button. Further information about the luxury motorhome – Model ARTO can be found here: If you want to learn more about the different motorhome models by Niesmann+Bischoff visit our homepage at:

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