Floods - How to protect buildings from them

With our video series "Structural civil protection for all weather conditions" we will inform you in the coming weeks about preventive measures for the protection of your house or apartment. Our fourth topic: floods. Most recently, the Elbe, Danube, Inn and other rivers burst their banks in the June floods of 2013, prompting disaster alerts in numerous German states. The willingness to help was exceptionally high. In addition to the 130,000 disaster relief workers, thousands of spontaneous helpers were there to support those affected on the ground. Nevertheless, the damage to homeowners in the flooded areas was immense. After days of rain, cities such as Passau experienced record flood levels of 12.89 meters, one of the most extreme downtown floods in 500 years. Flood events are expected to increase in frequency and intensity. Water floods penetrate homes and can add to the damage caused by flotsam or oil. Power and telecommunications outages are common. If you live in one of the flood-prone areas, it is advisable to build your house appropriately secured. This way you can at least minimize the damage and also prevent possible power outages. Our video "Floods - How to protect buildings from them" explains how you can do this. Additional information is also available at http://www.hochwasserzentralen.de. About us: The Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) is a specialized agency of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI). It supports and advises other federal and state authorities in fulfilling their civil protection tasks. The BBK takes all areas of civil security into account in an interdisciplinary manner and links them to form an effective protection system for the population and its livelihood. With the BBK, you have a reliable and competent partner for emergency prevention and self-help at your side. You can find detailed and up-to-date information at: https://www.bbk.bund.de

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