Morevna - Episode 3.0.2 (Russian)

“Morevna” is a open-source anime series, based on traditional Russian fairy-tale. In this episode the beautiful princess Marya Morevna leaves to a biker meeting and her beloved one Ivan Tsarevitch stays in her mansion alone, just to discover dark secrets right under his feets… Download: License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Help us to produce next episode: This video uses sounds from Please see full list here - ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Morevna Project is an experimental animation studio which adopts open-source philosophy and uses open-source software to produce animation works. Software we use for animation: - Synfig - - Krita - - OpenToonz - - Blender - Our video course for learning animation - 🌍 Find more on our website - ✨ Support us on Patreon - Creating #animation and #pictures with #freesoftware | #shorts #anime #opensource #creativecommons

LicenseCreative Commons Attribution

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