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Since I was 22 years old, I’ve been self-employed, and I have usually been working in a leading position, mostly as CEO or CVO (or both). I think I could write a book about it, about all the highs and lows. I have learned a lot by myself and from others, about myself and others. There have been very hard times and I have lost everything that you can lose in business twice. Over the years, I have done one or two things exactly the same way as I always had, I haven’t changed it. Especially when it comes to negative situations. Once I was down, it was much harder to get up again than being brought back down to earth from the top. More about this topic in my article: https://alugha.com/article/538ac7d0-b3fb-11ec-a4b2-6f7a550471cd

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The McDonald's Big Vegan TS in a short review

I took the chance on the 29th of April and have been to McDonald's for the first time since ages to try Vegan TS.. And or course as usual McDonald's should give the Oscar to their food photographer or send a very bad letter to their emplpoyees. The paddy itself is good and well done. Not as good as

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