motorhome towing hook // niesmann+bischoff - luxury motorhome (model FLAIR) // 2019 // EX10

This video serves as a help to assemble the camper tow hook and how to tow your motorhome FLAIR by Niesmann+Bischoff properly. At the front on the left side of the camper in driving direction, you will find an opening with a rubber cap. You can remove them and screw the towing hook, which is attached to the tool kit into the opening. Now the luxury motorhome FLAIR can be towed without any problems. If you have a FLAIR model with automatic transmission, the emergency release must be activated before. Please open the first underfloor flap on the driver's side to access the red emergency loop. You can find them behind the access to the vehicle battery and the diesel filling supports. The emergency release is very important when then engine is damaged or if a power failure happens, as it requires towing. More information about the luxury motorhome model FLAIR can be found here: If you would like to know more about our various campers from Niesmann+Bischoff, please visit us on our homepage:

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