motorhome water tank inside the floor // niesmann+bischoff - camper (model ARTO) // 2019 // WA3

This video serves as an explanation for the different water tanks in your ARTO motorhome by Niesmann+Bischoff. Inside the floor in your luxury motorhome, an inspection door can be found. Under that, you can find two water tanks with the cleaning holes. The rear one at the stairs serves as an opening to the waste water tank and the one in the front as an opening for the water tank. If you open the flap to the waste water tank you can see that there are multiple entries. These lead to the kitchen sink, the wash basin and the shower with the siphon box. The red cleaning openings serve to ventilate the tanks and to keep them dry when the camper is being shut down in winter. Store the cover next to the opening of the tanks during shutdown time. Moreover, the tanks can be easily cleaned through these openings. Furthermore, you can use the opening to check the condition of the water tanks. To close the opening to the tanks again, you need to use the inspection hatch. Further information about the luxury motorhome – Model ARTO can be found here: If you want to learn more about the different motorhome models by Niesmann+Bischoff visit our homepage at:

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