motorhome tyres // niesmann+bischoff - luxury motorhome (model FLAIR) // 2019 // EX8

Watch this video to learn how to check the air pressure of your motorhome FLAIR tyres correctly and where the changeable tyre is located. Depending on the load, always pay attention to the correct air pressure of your motorhome tyres. This is approximately 5 bar for the front and rear axles. Exact values are determined with the help of a truck scale, in coordination with the air pressure values of the manufacturer. If your luxury motorhome FLAIR has special equipment with light alloy rims at the front and aluminium covers at the rear, you will find the air valves of the twin tyres behind the wheel hub cover. You can remove them with the supplied tool. After the check you can press on the cap again. To check the tightness of the wheel nuts, also remove their covers using the tool supplied. Afterwards these caps can be put on again. You can find the spare wheel at the back under the garage. More information about the luxury motorhome model FLAIR can be found here: If you would like to know more about our various campers from Niesmann+Bischoff, please visit us on our homepage:

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