7 Signs Your EX Wants You Back

Have you ever broken things off in your relationship for only a couple weeks, months, or even years to pass to find all along they wanted to get back together? Do you want to get your ex back? Here are a few signs they want you back. Writer: Michal Mitchell Script Editor: Morgan Franz Script Manager: Kelly Soong VO: Lily Hu Animator: Bellza Tanium (New Animator) YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong References Ferris, Amber & Hollenbaugh, Erin. (2012). Drinking and dialing: An exploratory study of why college students make cell phone calls while intoxicated. Ohio Communication Journal. 49. 103-126. Navilon, Genefe. “10 Blaring and Genuine Signs He Wants You Back but Won’t Admit It.” Hack Spirit, 1 June 2020, hackspirit.com/10-blaring-and-genuine-signs-he-wants-you-back-but-wont-admit-it/. “10 Definite Signs Your Ex Wants You Back (But Won’t Admit It).” Her Way, 14 May 2020, herway.net/relationship/signs-ex-wants-back-desperately/. Chartrand, T. L., & Bargh, J. A. (1999). The chameleon effect: The perception–behavior link and social interaction. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 76(6), 893–910. https://doi.org/10.1037/0022-3514.76.6.893 Transcript: alugha Click here to see more videos: https://alugha.com/Psych2Go

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