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Use the dubbr to upgrade your videos with multiple
language tracks, translations, subtitles and AI
to reach a global audience.

Multilingual videos are a time-consuming process made easy with the dubbr

Traditionally, the workflow is fragmented and error-prone due to:

- Different specialized teams or contractors
- Expensive and sometimes incompatible software
- Chaotic project management

That's not how it's supposed to be! Breeze through your next video translation project with alugha's comprehensive online video translation workspace.

Multilingual video in only 10 minutes! Here is how:

Your multilingual video in 4 simple steps

Upload & set video details
Transcription & subtitles
Step 1

Upload & set multilingual details,
and identity for your video

Add description, tags, and thumbnails for every language

Design everything individually and according to your brand identity, customize thumbnails, backgrounds, descriptions, and metadata for each language track.

Privacy settings and your video status

Your video can be set to private, not listed or public. Additionally, you have optional settings like youth protection and ad placement.

Geo-locate your video

Each video can be enriched with exact GPS coordinates.

Your video is now ready for additional languages!
Step 2

Create an automatic
in the timeline

A versatile timeline view to create and manage your transcription, subtitles, and translations from a bird's-eye view. Work with the full-screen mode to enhance your focus. Use our speech-to-text tool to automagically create your transcription and fine-tune audio tracks to perfection.

What makes it work:


With our speech-to-text you get an accurate transcript of your video within minutes.

Voices per character

Each speaker in your video has a designated line and color, this makes the voice-over process and the overall management of tracks easier.

Segments as containers

The segments are the backbone of everything in the dubbr, they act like text or audio containers.
Your video is now equipped with a transcript!
Step 3

Generate or import

An intuitive visual import and export tool for subtitles with assigning features and voice differentiation by color code.

Import/Export subtitles in WebVTT & SRT
Subtitles color-coding by voice
Multiple voices
Independent of translations
Closed captions

Ace every
with a distraction free side-by-side workplace

A side-by-side computer-assisted translation editor with multi-user support for a frictionless translation workflow.

Live Collaboration
Machine Translation *new
Your video is translated!
Step 4

audio segments directly in the dubbr

In your browser, record a voice-over for each language in a cloud dubbing studio with your preferred recording setup and no need for additional software. Features like transcript segmentation, countdown, and audio editing features like fade-out and track repositioning ensure high quality and a swift workflow.

Now you have multilingual audio tracks!

Result: Multilingual video!

Your video is enriched with metadata, subtitles, translations, and multiple languages for your international audience to enjoy!

Boost your workflow with AI & collaborations


Revolutionizing the video translation process with Artificial Intelligence

We foster a tight-knit workflow between professional human collaborators and a constantly evolving AI to accelerate the video translation process.


Use our speech-to-text to create transcripts with the click of a button. Automatically transcribe the content of your video in more than 30 languages.

Machine translation

Translate your transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages with industry-leading accuracy. Save time and money by skipping the translation process and jumping right to manual editing.


Segment based text-to-speech makes your work easy and efficient, we get your clear voice-overs in a matter of minutes. We generate and re-train our AI with every new data to optimize voices in every language.
In the roadmap

Voice cloning

YOUR OWN VOICE in other languages? We don't want to give up much information yet… but this is a game changer!


Worldwide teamwork alugha collaborations

Translating and dubbing a video into several languages is still an intimidating challenge if you plan to tackle this project alone. Alugha offers the perfect solution with dubbr collaborations.
Invite collaborators via email
Invite friends, freelancers and contractors to your project to lend you a hand in your video translation efforts.
Collaborate live with users around the world
Every word, translation, and recording can be viewed live in the dubbr. Collaborators can work simultaneously in different languages and deliver a multilingual video ASAP.
Manage projects and recruit talents within alugha *UPCOMING
Soon you will be able to browse and recruit talented freelancers from around the world to help you with your video translation project.

The video translation ecosystem

Cover your complete video ecosystem needs with a fully integrated system to host, translate, and distribute your videos to a global audience.
Encoding & Hosting
Lightning fast and reliable German video hosting that's easy on the environment and the wallet.
Increase your reach by translating your videos for more markets. Effortlessly create transcripts, subtitles, and voice-overs in multiple languages by your own or with your team. No additional software required.
The simplest way to deploy multi audio track videos and truly connect with your global audience.
Grow your global audience while handling your multilingual content assets with ease.

Any question

Our team is here to make sure you get on the plan that adjusts to your needs and launches you up to success. Get in touch with one of our multilingual video experts today.

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