Make your videos

The dubbr is an online tool to simply enrich your videos with multiple audio tracks to reach a global audience. Effortlessly add multiple subtitles and audio tracks to your existing video or create a voice over from scratch directly from within our online dubbing studio.

Compatible with all browsers. No installation required, all you need online.

Create a multilingual video


Making your videos accessible for an international audience is easier than you think

Once you upload your video, you can:

TranscribeAdd each line of the original language into the text editor or timeline to create your segments.

TranslateAdd your translated text and compare it to the original segments.

RecordStep by step record your audio segments with your microphone or smartphone.

PublishEmbed your multilingual video on your website and a wide range of online platforms or share it directly via social media.

Your unified digital workspace for multilingual video production

Language tracks

Add and manage your language tracks per video. A track functions as a container that can be filled up with subtitles and audio tracks.

Transcriptions and subtitles

Switch to the language text view to create automatically synced subtitle translations.

Customization tools

Design everything individually and according to your brand identity, customize your own thumbnail, background, description and metadata.

Speech to text

Use Speech-to-Text to speed up your work, the tool automatically transcribes the content of your video.

Try it now

Share it with the world in a high tech player for your multilingual video

Let the player detect the default language of each and every viewer and automatically starts the video in the respective language.

With only 2-clicks your viewers can switch the language tracks instantly, without reloading and interrupting their video experience.

alugha video platform

Every video has a dedicated video page that includes powerful community and feedback features.

Your website

Embed your video on your website by simply adding a little code snippet to your site without language barriers.

Online platform

Unlock the hidden power of multilingual communication on these platforms like: Twitter, Kickstarter, change.org and more.

Things you need

What you need to begin

No studio, no expensive software. Everything directly in the browser or with the alugha app on the smartphone. Here is what you need to make multilingual videos in an efficient way:

  • A microphone (or smartphone)
  • A video
  • An internet connection
  • An alugha account

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