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Clouds in Weather Patterns

Learn about factors, such as wind, moisture, temperature, and air pressure, at a regional level that help produce the weather that people experience locally. This video provides students with the opportunity to visualize a phenomenon that is too big and too remote to experience in a classroom. Stude

Deep Ocean Volcanoes

Learn about underwater volcanoes and the discovery of the erupting deep-ocean volcano West Mata. The video provides students with the opportunity to visualize a phenomenon that is too dangerous and too remote to experience. Students view a visualization of the ocean floor as well as footage that cap

The Value of Wetlands

Learn about the value of the wetlands ecosystems in this video segment adapted from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Wetlands are essential habitats for plants and wildlife and a critical part of the water cycle. Yet they are under threat, largely due to the needs of a growing human population.

Swift: Gamma-Ray Bursts

In the late 1960s, scientists accidentally discovered gamma-ray bursts — intense flashes of energy that typically last no more than a few minutes and are often as short as a fraction of a second. For decades after the discovery of these powerful bursts, they remained one of the greatest mysteries in

Wild Animal Rehabilitation

See how volunteers care for sick or injured animals, and learn why human interaction is not always the best solution in this video adapted from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Included are stories of animals successfully returned to the wild as well as animals that couldn't be helped. The video

Earth System: Drought and Air Quality

Droughts claim more victims each year than any other natural disaster. Depending on where it occurs and how long it persists, the cost of a drought can run into the billions of dollars. Droughts cause more than economic hardship, however. As this video segment adapted from NASA's Goddard Space Fligh

Transforming the Future of Flight

In the early 1900s, the Wright Brothers found inspiration for their first airplane in nature. Their "Flyer," which was modeled on a bird's flexible wing design, was steered and stabilized by pulleys and cables that twisted the wingtips. Despite its success, this control strategy quickly vanished fro

Daylight Hours and the Sun’s Apparent Path

Explore the duration of daylight and the Sun’s apparent path in the sky in a northern hemisphere location during the solstices with this adapted WorldWide Telescope video. This resource gives students an opportunity to observe differences in the Sun’s apparent path across the sky and make evidence-b

What Is Ice?

Learn from NASA scientists about two forms of water (liquid and solid), and about the special properties of ice that are important to Earth’s life and climate, in this video from NASA eClips. Ice can be found in bodies of water across the planet. In the polar regions, ice that is present all year lo

Infrared: More Than Your Eyes Can See

The electromagnetic spectrum, spanning energies and wavelengths from radio waves to gamma rays, encompasses all forms of light. Infrared radiation, located in the range just beyond visible light, is emitted by all matter and is very useful in gathering data about Earth and space. In this video segme

The Ocean: A Driving Force for Weather and Climate

Learn how the ocean relates to weather and climate in this video from NASA. Uneven heating from the Sun drives ocean and atmospheric circulation. Animations and satellite data show how ocean currents and eddies distribute energy and nutrients around the world. Heat exchanges between the ocean and th

The Index of Refraction and Snell’s Law

In this video from the ICT Center, learn about the index of refraction and Snell's law. Review a simple example of refraction, the speed of light in materials and the formula for calculating the index of refraction. Explore a table of the refractive indices of common media and materials used in fibe