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Every Company is only worth as much as their employees - and that only the most talented, greatest and nicest people at all, that you can even imagine, work for alugha is needless to say. We proudly present the faces, who ensure, that alugha is improving in little steps on a daily basis. Everyone gives a 100 % in their profession and carries an important part to the big picture, to make sure alugha runs like a well oiled machine and makes the internet and the world a better place.
Gregor Greinert
Bernd Korz
Ithamar Adema
Chief Technical Officer
Niklas Korz
TL Development
Jonas Schlegel
TL Translation & Dubbing
Felipe Correa
TL Design
Mariana Weintz
TL Marketing, Translation & Dubbing
Steffen Petri
Christian Stein
Sabrina Hopf
Andreas Volkmann
Translation & Dubbing
Christian Gitter
Lucien Geis
Muthana Muhamad
Translation & Dubbing
Núria Tombas Ferré
Translation & Dubbing
Margarita Kyriakidou
Development, Translation & Dubbing
Jingmin Yan
Translation & Dubbing
Tamara Lukic
Assistent Management
Ian Burt Martínez
Business Development Representative
Mareike Praß
Natalie DeMasie
Translation & Dubbing
Hiba Hantash
Translation & Dubbing
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External support for our team

Katharina Finke
Project Management
Meike Korz
Daniel Kilian
Legal / HR
Helena Gouveia
Project Management, Translation & Dubbing
Adam Kesselhaut
Sound Engineer
Reinhold Schlager
Sales Director