Multiple languages

in a single online video

Reach the world for free with our alugha videoplayer

Fast switching
of video's audio tracks
Easy sharing
on all platforms and websites
Clean design
Focus on the video
Handy attachment
of unlimited audio tracks
On all platforms
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter …
Top audio quality
Dolby Surround, 480kBit AAC …


sound quality



With alugha you can visually support your online videos with customized backgrounds. Thanks to 480kBit AAC or Dolby Digital support you can offer outstanding soundquality. Since your video is a connection to your original video (e.g. connected with YouTube or Facebook) you can increase your range on other platforms too

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From Desktop to Mobile - from Android to iOS
Experience alugha everywhere!

Our product works on every single device, no compromises.

Alugha's benefits

Achieve more

with your viewers

So simple

yet so brilliant

It works

it just works

One video

to rule them all

Make the planet

a bit greener

Connect people

around the world

Start a tour

What others say about alugha

Unbelievable, it will save us a lot of time to spread our videos all over the world and this with a lot less of work! alugha is a true asset for our support. Thx to the team for alugha!

Barry Handerson [izCorp]

I shared your site with the Movieclips team. We really like it! People are always looking for movie trailers in other languages, it's such a useful tool. Thanks so much for sending us the links.

Emily Timmons [Senior YouTube Coordinator & Social Media Manager at ZEFR]

@alughaofficial I'm super impressed. I want to know more.

Henry Reich (@minutephysics)
March 28, 2014

@alughaofficial We did! It’s amazing. Such a great tool.

March 31, 2014

Durchbruchsinnovation made in Germany: Mit alugha Videos in verschiedenen Sprachen sehen.

Burkhard Schneider (@bestpractice)
July 8, 2014

@audaciouslife Stephani, what did you think of Alugha? The service offers different languages in single video? In beta, just added captions.

DeborahEdwards-Onoro (@redcrew)
June 5, 2014
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