How do I make real connections with people so I don't feel so alone?

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How do I make real connections with people so I don't feel so alone?


Dear Seeker -

You are feeling the gravitational pull of going from separation to Union with the infinite possibilities for intimate connections here on earth. We toggle between close and distant, connected and alone. Nonduality. Tantra. Weaving.

Let’s consider the multitudes of connections and unions that may happen here on earth and as well that can positively change your life :

  • Union with the one editor and one publisher meant to launch your new book of poetry
  • Union with the one real estate agent who finds the home perfect for you
  • Union with the one doctor who can help you heal from complicated childhood traumas
  • Union with the one musician who can collaborate with you for your new album
  • Union with the one ukele teacher who can teach you to play the ukele and sing your soul’s songs
  • Union with the one Guru who guides your spiritual journey towards moksha
  • Union with the one wedding planner who creates the wedding of your dreams
  • Union with the one videographer who brings your creative ideas to audiences
  • Union with the one landscaping company to tend to your grounds
  • Union with the one hairdresser to work with your unique hair
  • Union with the one roofer to put a new roof on your home

Keep on this great search for Union, oh Seeker, union with the many many kinds of connections here on earth.

Remember as well to search for the connections and Unions with your own selves and Self.

Krishna, the epic divine masculine, of the path of eternal truths Sanatan Dharam, is said to have married 16,001 wives and 8 queens. This was after he had already found and been in Union with his soul’s other half, Radha.

He married these 16,001 women because their husbands were no more and he was a King who wanted to give these women home and security. Platonic marriages these were,  so to speak. Krishna also had 8 queens ruling with him because the Kingdom was just that large that it needed 8 Queens to handle all that needed handling. Rukhmini is the Queen best known to us today, and some say she is a superimposition of Radha.  They are one and the same, perhaps.

Krishna left Radhs. Yet, he always remembered Radha, no matter his multiple thousands of platonic wives, his mutiple thousands of advisors and court attendants, the multiple thousands of loyal subjects to his King’s courts.

Krishna never forgot Radha. He is the one who held Radha in his arms at the time of her death. Yet, these epic lovers spent their lives mostly separate, without each other. They both had dharmas, karmas, and karmic duties to fulfill. Krishna was the matrix half. Radha with her Gopi-Sakhis, the spiritually awakened ones.

Did they all suffer in separation? They did. And, they carried on and on and on nonetheless, both with their dharmas and their karmas.

In this epic love story, we find deep insights about life and relationships here on earth. We may indeed find the One, our Krishna to our Radha, here on earth. Yet, we may not get to be together, we may live in physical separation and still we must continue on and on and on. Onward with our Dharam, onward with our duties, and onward with our karmas.

Our karmas, the consequences of our actions - the aggregate of the karmas accrued in this lifetime and accrued in past ones. Our dharmas, the personal and social duties we have to all those around us, intimate and casual, short or long-lasting.

So, my dear Seeker, do carry on and on and on!

You have 16,001 relations and connections yet to consider here on earth. Perhaps you have 8 queens and as well the One.

Right now, you may not be in physical union with your Radha, your divine feminine, or her Gopi-Sakhis, the many soulmates.

This may be your time to seek union with the many other kinds of unions to be had here on earth. Connect deeply with the One, your soulmates, the romantics and platonics, the thousands of other ones.

I am your well wisher, Beautiful One.

I am Neelam,

Sundaram Sundaram

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