Dear Lover - Do you live fully in your body, embracing pleasure and pain as experiences flow through you, rushes of energy or gentle waves of natural movement? A Devadasi. A maidservant of the divine helps you reclaim your body, her body as your/her murti मूर्ति. A maidservant of the Divine, a Devadasi channels the life-force, Sakti, feminine energy that powers this Universe into her own body through her songs, her dances, in meditations, through movements alchemized into presence with you and the sensual experience of presence together. Presence is of the senses. All of the senses. "I don't worship the physical form of my body itself," would say the Devadasi. My body is my murti, your murti. I worship the mysterious life force, the mystical energy, the magical superconsciousness that created my body, and materialized my form. The life-force that powers through my body, my form is the same life-force that flows through your form, every form. My Body, My Murti My Sacred Ground Your Sacred Ground
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