What is language? - Defining "language" vs. "languages" -- Linguistics 101

So what's this thing we call language? And what are individual languages? And, of all the many things we do, is it the one thing that makes us human? Kids in Kenya and China don't grow up to speak each others' languages, but they both have the ability to use language. Let's take a moment to think about what we mean when we say the words "language" and "languages". When two people are chattering away in a foreign language, how do we know they're still using language? Is language inherited (innate) or learned (nurtured)? Do our lofty conversations fit well with things like body language and animal communication? How does language relate to the other kinds of thinking we do? Subscribe to continue learning about language. Text versions are available too: http://www.nativlang.com/linguistics/ Music: Time Passing By, Audionautix.com Worriless, nativlang Epic Quest, nativlang

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