Hydronic S3 Economy by Eberspächer – Never scrape ice again

Get in your car and feel comfortable. Enjoy perfect all-round visibility. Arrive safely. And along the way, protect the environment and your car with a pre-heated engine. An Eberspächer pre-heater means the ideal combination of luxury, comfort and safety. Use the time you save in the morning to have breakfast with your family, to do sports or to prepare yourself for your day at work. Eberspächer water heaters run independently from the engine and make for twice the benefit: pre-heating the car cabin and engine. Hydronic S3 Economy is integrated into the cooling water circuit of the engine. The generated heat is picked up by the vehicle’s heat exchanger and is dispensed accurately through present air ducts into the car cabin as warm air. Using the residual heat in the cooling water circuit, the engine is heated. And during summer, an Eberspächer pre-heater can be used to ventilate the car interior. More information: https://www.eberspaecher.com/en/products/fuel-operated-heaters/product-portfolio/water-heaters/new-hydronic-s3-economy.html

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