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The alugha GmbH, founded in April 2014 in Mannheim, currently has 16 highly motivated employees. We develop a services, with makes it very easy to publish online videos multilingual. The alugha universe consists of different core products. On one hand it is our browser Extension, which allows to consume videos multilingual directly on the video platforms. On the other hand it is our own video site, on which every alugha extended video is listed for you. If you click such a video, you get to the so-called single-video-page. There, every video has an own background and an own thumbnail. Every producer gets an own producer page with a complete description, with all social links. The producer uploads his video on his video platform. Access to alugha, linkes his video there, uploads the audio track, writes title and description, the single keywords and uploads an own background and thumbnail for the respective language. alugha works on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, on Facebook videos, and further platforms are work in progress. Currently we offer different packages from 0 up to 79,90 Euro. alugha allows the producers, to become a global player and drastically increase his revenue. We make the internet greener and faster, because we reduce the traffic and the needed storage space by up to 95%. Alugha - EVERYONE’S LANGUAGE, we take internet videos to the next level. See more about us on Install the FREE Extension for Chrome here: for Safari here: for Firefox here: Or our FREE app for Android:

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