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There are dozens of species of canids commonly known as "fox". Some are considered "true" foxes while others are classified in other groups. These animals are cat-like in their shape with pointy ears and whiskers but also in their abilities because they can see well in the dark and some even climb trees! This is why foxes have been named the most cat-like canids. Foxes are found throughout the world and while many are nocturnal some move around during the day. Foxes are generalists who make use of a variety of habitats as well as different food types. Scientific Name: "True" Foxes - Genus: Vulpes Range: every continent except Antartcia Size: fennec fox (smallest) three pounds (1.36kg); red fox (largest) 30+ pounds (13.6+kg) Diet: rodents, reptiles, birds, insects, eggs, plants, and fruits Lifespan: 10-15 years on average in the wild Support the channel on Patreon: You can learn more on: Twitter - Facebook - Tanuki, or raccoon dogs, are the other tree climbing canids. ;) --- We always do what we can to be as accurate as possible, but we're only human; if you catch a mistake please let us know and provide a link for verification! --- All images, videos and sound effects used herein are 1) public domain, 2) used under a Creative Commons license, 3) used with the express permission of the copyright holder, or 4) used under the parameters of Fair Use law. Credits via Youtube: sonzabird - sin(128)/cos(128) - Credits via Flickr: Peter Trimming -;; Huw -;; Helen Penjam - Emma - Nelo Hotsuma - Bettina Arrigoni - Benard DUPONT -;; Fernando Borquez Borquez - Derek Keats - USFWS Pacific Southwest Region - Joanne Goldby - Katja Schulz - Zion National Park - USFWS Midwest Region - Credits via Wiki Users: Anass ERRIHANI - bilal brzm - Calius - Other attributions: Lubo Ondrasko - Kalle Pihelgas - Ecologia Azul - Ojo de Aguila - Fotografia - Websites used for research collection: “Fox Tales” Nature by PBS This video is licensed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license (*. *you can find information about all the different types of CC licenses here: **changes were made to the original Transcript: alugha Click here to see more videos:

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